Appointments are required, but same-day booking is usually possible.
Easily schedule either online, by calling us or texting us at 301.864.1975.

We maintain a regular schedule with the same hours each week, listed below:

Saturday 10-3

Sunday  1-5

Monday 2-6

Tuesday 2-7

Wednesday 2-6

Thursday/Friday: CLOSED

Schedule Now:
Click here to book online. This is the easiest way to make an appointment. You can see the entire schedule and book right up until the last minute or far in advance.

Or, call/text us at 301.864.1975.

Same day appointment changes:
-MUST be done by calling or texting us 301.864.1975
-Please note we charge a $10 fee for appointments missed without calling before the appointment time to cancel. We do not have a fee for late cancellations.